1. Dry Food
Dry food is the most convenient, healthy and affordable of all food options. Dry food can be stored at room temperature without the need for refrigeration. This is why a lot of pet owners prefer dry food.

Dry food manufactured by reliable manufacturers is formulated after substantial R&D processes taking into account the metabolism of domestic animals, their preferences and their nutrition requirements. The ingredients are composed to provide a healthy and balance diet for cats, so if your Veterinarian does not have a different recommendation, you can feed your pet only with dry food andwater . The shape and crispness of dry food, helps decrease the tartar formation in the course of chewing, ensuring your cat's teeth remain healthy. When selecting a certain brand of dry food, it is important to pay attention to where it is manufactured, who manufactured it and its freshness as well as the ingredients. Dry food is the best choice for cat nutrition.

2. Wet Food
Cats love canned or wet food. These foods have a long shelf-life and are easy to find. Wet foods are mostly preferred because they are easily carried during trips due to their small packages. You can feed your cats wet food or a combination of wet and dry food when they are ill, recuperating or when they have lost their appetite. You can try to mix it with dry food for picky eaters.

3. Treats
Treats can be given for good behavior or simply because you want to make your kitty happy.
A treat can be one of any variety of things in various colors and shapes.

Pet owners like to purchase these items to make their cats happy but treats need to have a purpose. Otherwise these products lose their treat value and become common tasty meals.
Try different alternatives before you decide on which treat to buy. This way you can find the one you cat enjoys the most..

4. Feeding Rules
Cats should have a stable feeding schedule. The amount of food given is important. You can prepare the required food amount for your cat according to specifications of dry food and with the help of instructions written on the packaging. Also you can consult your veterinarian about this issue.

Finally, please note that dry food should be fresh; make sure to clean your cat’s water and food bowls every time he/she eats.