Leash Training

Do you think it is enjoyable to take your cat out for a walk on a leash? This is not as hard as you think!

Some cat owners enjoy taking their cat for walks on a leash. This can be a great way for your cat to get some fresh air and a chance for the two of you to bond. However, don’t expect your cat to heel the way a dog does; he’ll more likely just follow along behind you. Teaching your cat to walk on a leash is actually quite simple. The younger he/she is when you start training him/her, the easier it will be.

The first step is to get your cat used to wearing a cat harness. Encourage him/her and give him/her some reward as he/she gets comfortable with it. Have him/her wear the harness for a little while each day for about a week until he/she seems quite at ease with it. Next, connect a leash to the harness and let him/her walk around the house with the leash dragging behind him/her. Do this for a short time each day until he/she is used to the weight and feel of it. Then, start walking him/her on the leash inside the house. Let him/her wander around wherever he/she wants to, but keep a hold of the leash. Once your cat is comfortable wearing the harness and leash, and having you hold the leash, take him/her out into the yard. If he/she gets scared, let him/her back inside. If he/she seems to enjoy spending time walking on a leash in the yard, try taking him/her to other places. Avoid busy areas with lots of people and/or cars, at least for his/her first few walks. He/she should gradually get used to all kinds of different situations and different people, and you should be able to take him/her just about anywhere.